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The stream underneath the trail on which you stand, runs through an interesting piece of history. The bridge that supports the trail is actually an old steam boiler. These boilerswere used in steam engines to create the power needed to move the gi…
✝   St. Joseph's Church Was Closed by the Diocese of Green Bay with a Final Mass on June 20th, 2010 The Site and Church Are Now Privately Owned   ✝                                 …
We Proudly Salute Our American Heroes For God and Country U.S. American Legion
Erected to the Memory of the Soldiers and Marines of Kewaunee County Who Fought for Freedom in 1861 to 1865 ———— Also to Those Who Fought for the Liberty of Cuba in 1898 1861 - 1865 - 1898
???? The brick veneer residence, built by George Halada circa 1878, is an excellent example of an Italianate style building popular with Bohemian settlers in this area. Several of the horizontal log farm buildings are in near original form and pr…
????In the early centuries of Christianity, the Western Church instituted the observation of Rogation Days to invoke God's mercy. ????The word rogation is derived from the Latin word rogare, which means "to ask." ????According to local custom, …
     As you look across the Kewaunee River, it is hard to imagine that a small, thriving community existed on the opposite bank. The center of the community was the imposing flour and gristmill, which drew so many customers from miles around…
???? Before modern cement came onto the market, lime was used in the making of mortar for brick and stonework. Lime was also used for whitewashing wood instead of painting. Large furnaces used heat to reduce nearby limestone rocks into lime. ???…
     Henry Bruemmer, a native of Mecklenburg, Germany, learned the milling trade in his native land before emigrating. After spending a few years on the East Coast, he invested in a flourmill in Mishicot before operating a mill at Tisch Mill…
Dedicated to the Memory of All American Veterans In Remembrance of Clarence and Eunice Bathke