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Built, 1894, of red sandstone quarried nearby. Horse and cattle thieves, murderers, moonshiners most common prisoners. One of most difficult West Texas jails from which to escape. No attempted break successful. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
Named for a Mr. Putoff, early settler. In region of Salt Water, canyon was noted for its freshwater spring "strong enough to swim a horse". Area was a resort, 1900-1914, for many artists. Western writer Zane Grey used region as setting for his nov…
An excellent example of early 20th century classical revival style, the First National Bank of Jayton was erected about 1912 by descendants of early Kent County pioneers. Classical features of the edifice, such as the polished granite Ionic column…
On Indian-infested frontier 125 miles beyond Fort Belknap and outer settlements. Northernmost business in Confederate Texas. Established at great risk, to obtain salt, scarce during Civil War and vitally needed to cure meat, season food, cure hide…
Comanches traveled trails in Kent Co., NE to Croton Salt, S to Old Mexico and to evade U.S. Cavalry. Arrow sculptor: Charles A. Smith
Formed from Young and Bexar territories Created August 21, 1876 Organized November 8, 1892 Named in honor of Andrew Kent who fell at the Alamo Clairmont, the County Seat, 1892 Jayton, since 1952