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Founded in 1870 and named 1873 by Texas-Pacific RR. Developer Pablo Sala subdivided adjacent land along banks of Company Canal in 1892 to create Salaville, where Cheniere Caminada survivors fled after 1893 Hurricane. Incorporated as village and as…
Panel 1 Grand Isle is one of the many barrier islands formed as a result of the dynamic, everchanging Mississippi River. Grand Isle originated as a sandbar connected to the mainland marshes at its western end. When the Mississippi River changed to…
A supersonic, twin engine fighter plane, was introduced in 1977 and was designed for reconnaissance and fleet defense of U.S. Navy carriers and equipped with air-to-ground ordinance and air-to-air missiles.
Awarded to combat wounded veterans by the United States government, and founded by General George Washington on August 1, 1782. There is no exclusion by war or branch of service. The common bond is that they have given their own blood for freedom.…
A main weapon used by the U.S. Navy and Marines during the Vietnam War. This lightweight attack plane broke the speed record at the time at 695 mph, and was in continuous production for 25 years, more than any other warplane.
On Feb. 11, 1825, Governor Henry S. Johnson signed legislation creating the Parish of Jefferson out of the Third Senatorial District. It is named for President Thomas Jefferson, who died the following year, July 4.
The site of this parkonce belonged to the River-to-LakeSainte-Reyne Concessiongranted to Jean-Daniel Kolly, c. 1720.A series of purchasessubdivided the original propertyexcept for this 155-acre park. Nicolas Chauvin de Lafreniere, the Younger,whom…
Lafreniere. Born at the ChapitoulasSeptember 30, 1728. He studied law in France
Lafreniere orated before theLouisiana Superior Council"The Manifeste"a document expressing the politicalphilosophy on the natural rightsof man and freedom of determination by the people. A firing squad executed him with 4 compatriots in New Orlean…
Named for legendary privateer Jean Lafitte, who helped the United States win the Battle of New Orleans and used area bayous for his smuggling operations. Home to a thriving seafood industry. Incorporated in 1974 as a village. Became a town in 1977…