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On a cold, damp and foggy Sunday, November 20, 1864, after having passed through Covington and Newborn over the previous two days, Union Major General William T. Sherman, traveling with Brigadier General Jefferson C. Davis's 14th Corps, reached Sh…
This tablet marks the inn, on the old stage coach route, from Barksdale Ferry on the Savannah River to Whatley's Ferry on the Chattahoochee River.
This tablet marks the Isaac Parker Inn on stage coach route from Barkesdale's Ferry on the Savannah River to Whatley's Ferry on the Chattahoochee via "Rock Mountain"
Hillsboro (originally spelled Hillsborough), named for pioneer settler Isaac Hill, is one of the oldest communities in central Georgia. It is the birthplace of Benjamin Harvey Hill, a United States and later Confederate States Senator. The "Hills…
On Nov. 15, 1864, after destroying Atlanta and cutting his communications with the North, Maj. Gen. W. T. Sherman, USA, began his destructive campaign for Savannah — the March to the Sea. He divided his army [US] into two wings. The Left Win…
On the site of the Post Office stood a large, white-columned, three-storied house known as the Stage Coach Inn. Horses for the coaches were changed here and stabled across the road from the inn. As the coach approached Monticello, the coachman ble…
This County, created by Act of the Legislature Dec. 10, 1807, is named for Sergeant Jasper, Revolutionary hero from South Carolina who rescued some American prisoners from their British guards at Jasper Spring, near Savannah. He was later killed i…
Here lived Dr. David Addison Reese, born in Mecklenberg County, N. C., son of a Revolutionary soldier and grandson of a signer of the Mecklenberg Declaration of Independence. When a young man Dr. Reese moved to Monticello and married Mary Gaines M…
In Honor ofBenjamin Harvey HillGeorgia's Illustrious SonBorn Near HillsboroJasper County September 14, 1823. Died in Atlanta August 16, 1882 A Matchless Orator Renowned Jurist Courageous Statesman
Senator Benjamin Harvey Hill (1823-1882), first to proclaim the New South industrial rather than agricultural, was born one mile from here. When he was 12 years old his father, John Hill, moved with his family to Long Cane, Troup County. Sen. Hill…