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Side 1 On October 1, 1890, three of Laura Ingalls Wilder's relatives, Peter Franklin (L.) Ingalls (cousin), Joseph Quiner Carpenter (cousin), and Perley Day Wilder (brother-In-law) began a trip from Stockholm, Wisconsin down the Mississippi River…
In 1880, William Thomas Keith (1856-1949) homesteaded ten acres upon which this house stands. In 1886 he filed a homestead entry with the U.S. Public Land Office and in the fall of that year built this cabin that became home for himself, his wife,…
Holmes County, noted for agriculture and timber, was created in 1848. The first county seat was at Hewett's Bluff, later known as Bear Pen. Cerro Gordo and Westville also served as county seat. Bonifay, the present site, was selected in 1905. Cont…