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Named in honor of Lt. George C. Hartsuff 2nd Artillery, U.S.A., whose detachment of men were ambushed in the Big Cypress Swamp, December 20, 1855, by the Seminole Indians killing several men and wounding many others. Fort Hartsuff was a communit…
This leisurely 10 minute, 1/4 mile long trail will lead you to the site of Fort Chokonikla built in late 1849. It consisted of three square blockhouses for defense, and canvas tents for sleeping. No battles were fought here and it was abandoned ab…
One of the Last Battles fought with the Seminole Nation ended here on June 16, 1856 with Defeat of the Indians by Soldiers from Ft. Meade.
was DeSoto County's wag, prairie philosopher, cowboy humorist and prankster. He was beloved for his merrymaking. Bone was christenedMorgan Bonapart MizellHe was born 1863 and died 1912. Bone is buried in Joshua Creek Cemetery in DeSoto County near…