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Site of frontier refuge in Revolutionary War; station in 1777 of small detachment of Virginia militia. Near here, on Sunday, May 12, 1782, Indians killed the wife and three children of Rev. John Corbley, a Baptist minister.
When the borough was formed in 1796, this land was declared the commons, to provide pasture for the lot-holders. Converted to a park in 1883 by petition to the court.
Side Aphotos of John Taylor Sr-Revoluntionary War/Mary "Kiser" Taylor-Believed to Be/Pvt Jesse Taylor-Hero/Hero Post Office 1899-1917 The village of Hero was originally located on the land where this sign proudly stands. Today Hero is identifie…
On a site originally called "Delight" by Mingo Indians, Greensboro was founded by Elias Stone in 1790. It became prominent as a frontier-era industrial hub with Albert Gallatin's Glassworks and a number of pottery factories, and later as a commerc…
The Monongahela River served is one of many "river highways" to the western territories. Since there were few overland roads west of here, most settlers rafted north (to your right) on the Monongahela River to Pittsburgh, then down the Ohio River …
Friendship Hill has changed greatly since Albert Gallatin sold the property in 1832. To Gallatin, the property reflected his dream of agricultural pursuits and establishment of the industry. With the passage of time and ownership, Friendship Hill …
Founded in 1849 by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Chartered by the State in 1850. One of the first two colleges in Pennsylvania to grant degrees to women, in 1857.
Near here stood one of three blockhouses erected by Captain James Paul's company in 1792, during the State's last troubles with the Indians. On April 17, 1792, soldiers carrying supplies from the Thomas Ryerson mill clashed with an Indian war part…
On this site, the first glass factory west of the Monongahela River was established in 1805 through the stimulating influence of Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury under Thomas Jefferson. Glass was made here until 1849.
This was first Baptist college in western Pennsylvania. It was begun by Ten Mile Baptist Association in 1867, opened in 1869, and in 1871 chartered by legislature. Operated 1869-1888; reopened 1890 and finally closed 1894. College building, erecte…