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( plaque on the left ) Royal Exchange Forecourt This landscaped forecourt to the Royal Exchange was opened by the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor Sir Alan Traill G.B.E., M.A., D.Mus. on the 10th April 1985 Leonard W.E. Groome C. Eng. F.I.C.E. …
Adjoining this spot stood the Stocks Market 1282 — 1737
In St. Stephen Walbrook on 2 November 1953 The Samaritans were founded by Dr. Chad Varah Rector 1953 - 2003
Tallow Chandlers Hall The Company Has Occupied This Site Since 1476
29 & 30 College Street Presented to the Worshipful Company of Innholders by Walter Daniel Cronin Master 1920 - 21 & John Wylde Renter Warden 1920 - 21 This Building Was Erected by the Company in 1958 Bryan N. Gibbs M.B.E. Master
Welcome to Whittington Garden This garden was named in honour of one of the City's best known Lord Mayors who was buried in 1423 in the nearby church of St Michael Paternoster Royal which he had rebuilt in 1409 at his own expense. The site, which…
In a house on this site lived Gregory de Rokesley eight times Mayor of London 1274 — 1281 and 1285
To the Immortal Honour of the Officers Non-Commissioned Officers and Men of London Who Served Their King and Empire In The Great War 1914   1919 This Memorial is Dedicated In Proud & Grateful Recognition By the City and County of Lo…
Wellington Erected June 18 1844 ( plaque behind the statue ) On 19th July 1838. the Court of Common Council of the City of London agreed to a contribution of £500 toward the cost of the above statue of the Duke of Wellington in appreciati…
Near this site stood the shop belonging to Thomas Faryner, the king's baker, in which the Great Fire of September 1666 began. Presented by The Worshipful Company of Bakers to mark the 500th anniversary of their charter granted by Kin…
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