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[Inset within a reproduction of the front page of the first edition of The Daily Express is the marker text:] Tuesday, 24th April, 1900 The first edition of the Daily Express was published in Fleet Street. It was one of the first papers in…
[Inset within a reproduction of the front cover of All The Year Round is the marker text:] Saturday, 30th April, 1859 Charles Dickens, pen name "Boz", operated out of the Cheshire Cheese Pub while producing his journal "All the Year Round"
Once a slave in Jamaica FRANCIS BARBER Samuel Johnson's servant, friend and heir LIVED HERE 1752-1756
The George was founded in 1723 as a coffee house, became Georges Hotel in 1830 and then a public house as it is today. Former regulars of The George include Horace Walpole, Oliver Goldsmith and Samuel Johnson, who for a while used The George as hi…
International radio, television and online content made here 1941-2012
Liberator of Latin America lodged here in 1810
In a house on this site Samuel Pepys, Diarist, was born. 1632-1703
Near this spot stood Poulters' Hall 1630-1666
Near this spot from 1512 until 1884 stood St. Paul's School Founded by Dean Colet
Site of Bradbury & Evans Printer and Publisher of Dickens and Thackeray 1847 - 1900
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