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In this house lived in 1851 Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poet and Painter and from 1856 to 1859 William Morris Poet and Artist and Sir Edward C. Burne-Jones Painter
[Obverse:] Iraq Afghanistan [Reverse:] Duty Service [Text around base of memorial:] In recognition of all British military personnel and UK civilians who served and worked in Iraq 1990-2009 and Afghanistan 2001-2015
In this chapel the armed forces of the United States of America held divine service during the Great War of 1939 to 1945 and gave thanks to God for the victory of the Allies.
The Boy at Pye Corner was erected to commemorate the staying of the Great Fire which beginning at Pudding Lane was ascribed to the Sin of Gluttony when not attributed to the papists as on the monument and the Boy was made prodigiously fat to en…
Elia To the immortal memory of Charles Lamb Perhaps the most beloved name in English literature who was a bluecoat boy here for 7 years B. 1775   D. 1834 [Lower panel:] This memorial was moved here in December 1962 from Chri…
Built on the site of a Saxon church dedicated to St Edmund the church became known as St Edmund and the Holy Sepulchre during the years 1103 to 1173, when it was in the care of Augustinian Canons, who were Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Later, the…
Site of Furnival's Inn Demolished 1897
In Memory of all ranks 1st Bn Royal Fusiliers and officers of 1/5th Royal Gurkha Rifles and 31st Field Ambulance who were killed during the attack on Mozzagrogna and Caldari between 27th Nov and 17th Dec 1943
Historian lived in a house on this site 1773-1783
Sir F. Paolo Tosti K.C.V.O. Musician 1846-1916 lived in a house on this site 1886 - 1916
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