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The Flying Horse is the last remaining pub on Oxford Street. The current building was built in 1892 and had been called The Tottenham since then. Prior to 1892, another pub called The Flying Horse was located on the site which dates back to at lea…
Sculptor and Poet lived here 1860 - 1892
Nobel Laureate Discoverer of the mosquito transmission of malaria lived here
Rebuilt 1667 in the reign of Charles II and continued successively in the Reigns of James II 1685-1688 Interregnum Dec. 11, 1688 - Feb. 13, 1689 William III & Mary II 1609 - 1702 Anne 1702 - 1714 George I 1714 - 1727 George II 1727 -…
This building housed the headquarters of the Polish Navy during 1939 - 1945 Orzel Wilk Blyskwica Grom Burza Garland Piorun Krakowiak Kujawiak Ślązak Orkan Sókól Jastrząb Dzik Dragon Conrad
[Inset within a reproduction of the front page of the first edition of The Standard is the marker text:] Monday, 21st May 1827 The Standard Newspaper was first printed at 5 New Bridge Street, Blackfriars
On this site The Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor was founded on 27th April 1908 31 Essex Street
Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding was Commander-in-Chief of Fighter Command, Royal Air Force, from its formation in 1936 until November 1940. He was thus responsible for the preparation for and the conduct of the Battle of Britain. With remarkable…
The first number of The Sunday Times was edited at 4 Salisbury Court by Henry White October 20 1822
The third theatre to bear the title of its bankside namesake was originally known as the 'Hick's Theatre' and was built by the eminent theatre designer W G R Sprague. The Globe Theatre continues to delight with a successful mix of serious drama an…
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