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Father of Modern Tropical Medicine lived here
Portrait and Equestrian Painter Lived Here 1856 - 1884
Philosopher, Surgeon Printer & Poet lived here The Artist is Dead Long Live the Poet
[Front:] The Chindit Badge Portraying a Chinthe, A Mythical Beast, Guardian of Burmese Temples from which was derived the name Chindits, their motto being The Boldest Measures Are The Safest In Memory Of All Who Fought On The First An…
Man of Science lived here
Composer stayed here in 1851
Bedford College for Women University of London founded here in 1849 by Elizabeth Jesser Reid
Literary Hostess and Patron of the Arts lived here
These figures known as The Burghers of Calais commemorate six citizens of that town who offered themselves as hostages to Edward III after he had vainly besieged their town for nearly a year in 1317. The story goes that their lives were spa…
Who with four companions E.A. Wilson, H.R. Bowers, L.E.G.Oates, E.E. Evans died March 1912 returning from the South Pole   "Had we lived I should have had a tale to tell of the hardwood endurance and courage of my companions which would have stir…
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