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( left column ) In this court in the 18th century stood the Fountain Tavern where the political oponents of Sir Robert Walpole met using the title of the Fountain Club Also the Coal Hole the meeting place of the Wolf Club of which about 1826 Ed…
Within these precincts stood the Palace of the Savoy. The erection of which was begun by Peter, Ninth Count of Savoy and Earl of Richmond. A.D. 1246 Henry III King of England bestowed the site "in vico qui vocato la straunde" on February…
This Plaque Was Unveiled by Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales To Celebrate the Reopening of the Newly restored Savoy Theatre 19th July 1993
Nicholoson's The Coal Hole The original Coal Hole was located in a cellar in Fountain Court, a few yards from our present establishment. Its name seems to have derived from the coal heavers who worked nearby on the River Thames. Edmund Kean, …
City of Westminster Royal Air Force The Royal Air Force was formed and had its first headquarters here in the former Hotel Cecil 1st April 1918 Through Adversity To The Stars ( small brass plaque ) This Plaque was Unveiled by The Chief of…
Greater London Council Sir Richard Arkwright 1732 - 1792 Industrialist and Inventor lived here
The House of the Royal Society for The Encouragement Of Arts Manufactures and Commerce Foundation Laid 28 March 1772 Completed 2 April 1774 Robert & James Adam Architects
London County Council Robert Adam Thomas Hood John Galsworthy Sir James Barrie and Other Eminent Artists and Writers lived here
Elfin Oak Originally carved in 1911 and maintained for over 40 years by sculptor Ivor Inne With grateful thanks also to Spike Milligan CBE and his friends whose interest and support enabled complete restoration of the wee folk 1996 H…
Victoria R — 1837 — Here In Front of the Palace Where She Was Born and Where She Resided Until Her Accession, Her Royal Kensington Subjects Erect This Statue. The Work of Her Daughter, to Commemorate Fifty Years of Her Reign.
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