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Dedicated to honor their patriotic services during Korean Conflict from the town of North Woodstock, N.H. A list of 47 servicemen
Dedicated to those who served in the Armed Forces of our Country in World War Two from Woodstock A list of 126 servicemen and women; 7 Killed In Action
N.H The 9th State 1763 The Granite State Flag Blue a & Gold 1909 Flower Purple Lilac Bird Purple Finch Tree White Birch Ship The Woodstock Emblem Old Man of Mtn Motto Live Free or Die Song Old N.H. Length 250 miles Ten counties Capi…
In Honor of 1917-18 World War Soldiers Dedicated May 30th 1921 A list of 27 servicemen; two of whom died in France
The granite rock which make up the walls of the flume was formed many millions of years ago in ancient geological time. At a later period dark colored lava in a molten condition was pushed up from below filling a great crack and smaller side crack…
The College first erected a fence specifically designated as a gathering place for Seniors in 1897 on the east side of the Green in front of Dartmouth Hall. Three years later the College moved the fence across the Green, where it remained for over…
This Spruce Tree was planted by the Lebanon Bicentennial Commission in December, 1976 between Lebanon and West Lebanon to commemorate the unity of the City of Lebanon.
World War II 1941 - 1945 George Austin Jr. · Oscar Bailey · Robert A. Bailey · Wilfred Blain · Wilfred Bocash · Mark Booth · Louis C. Brown · Raymond T. Brown · John R. Bru…
Korean War 1950 - 1953 Donald E. Cantlin Jr. · James H. Collins · Robert S. Gaudette · Ernest T. Ibey · Alfred E. Kidder · Charles Pollard · Richard C. Pollard · Roger Pollard &mid…
Revolutionary War 1775 - 1783 Jonathan Basford · Nathan Bicknell · Elisha Bingham · Jonathan Bosworth · John Bowley · David Choate · Solomon Choate · Theophilus Clough · Da…
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