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In honor of Company K 20th Reg't Kan. Vol. in appreciation of their Gallantry and Patriotism in the Philippine Islands 1898 - 1899 ———————— This gateway was erected by the Citizens of Fran…
Marais des Cygnes River FloodCrest of July 11-12, 1951 High-Water LineSurveyed by the U.S. Geologic Survey
"The Marsh of the Swans" is the meaning of the river's French name. In 1828, Baptist missionary Isaac McCoy brought a group of Indians on a journey to examine this area as a possible relocation site for eastern and Great Lakes tribes. McCoy called…
The FlagOur Fathers Saved————Dedicated May 12 - 1937to our fathers
Dietrich CabinIn 1854 two German brothers, Jacob and John Dietrich, arrived in America after a fifty-three day voyage by sailing ship. They settled first in Connecticut and were joined the following year by their sister Elizabeth and Jacob's bride…
The Schools at 5th and Main: Ottawa's first school house was built at 3rd and Walnut where a city parking lot now stands. It suffered a tornado and an earthquake, and cracks appeared in the brick walls. Besides those problems, the population of Ot…
Location, location, locationThe Baptists built a stone church on the east side of the 400 block in 1867. The photo above shows it as well as a "tabernacle" tent erected for a Kansas Baptist Convention in 1869. By the 1890s, the Baptists would move…
This is the oldest surviving courthouse designed by George P Washburn of Ottawa. Before coming to town, Washburn had worked for the Kansas City architectural firm of Cross and Taylor where he supervised construction of Union railroad depots includ…
In memory of our soldierswho fought in the Great Rebellion of1861 - 1865
This two story Neo-Classical building was built with Andrew Carnegie's grant of $15,000 and was matched by the City with a site and a commitment to devote 10% of the amount of the gift annually for maintenance. The colossal order Ionic columns, li…