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N.E. corner of the intersection was a school. In the summer of 1861 this mainly German Community voted 85 to 40 to secede from the Union. It was rumored that many men left to join the Confederacy. On October 1945 President Truman advised Town Line…
Hermit of Leydecker Road William Sheppard CA. 1840-1933 Was thought to be an outlaw of Jesse James' Gang. Roamed town as a scissors grinder.
Was originally conceived in 1970 with construction being completed in 1972. The purpose was to create a place of beauty and tranquility as well as commemorate the sister city relationship between Buffalo and Kanazawa, Japan. In 1996 the garden wa…
Heroic Dead 1917 World War 1918 Town of Cheektowaga, N.Y. Andres, John; Benzel, William; Duly, John R.; Geier, Harvey H.; Hoerner, Jacob J.; Holtz, John W.; Klaffka, John C.; Latzer, Wendelin; Ostrowski, Frank; Racinowski, Stanley; Szydlowski, Mat…
This memorial is dedicated to those Americans who made the supreme sacrifice in Vietnam.
In memory of the valiant service of all Negroes in all wars of these United States of America to the glory of God WWII Korea Vietnam [other side] 1776, 1812, · 1861 · , 1898, 1917, 1941, 1950, 1966.
The Frontier Elevator/ General Mills. The large General Mills elevating and milling complex at 54 Michigan Ave. began as a small Buffalo-owned elevator company, Frontier Elevator, incorporated in 1886 by six local businessmen. In 1903 the Washburn…
'The Greatest in the World' From 1907 to 1921 William Conners, propietor of the Buffalo Courier Express, built a poultry farm that ultimately covered 360 acres. Literature from the operation proclaimed;"...stretching away toward the lake in symetr…
The Historic First Church of Evans. Here, in 1818, Rev. John Spencer organized the first house of worship south and west of Buffalo, in the Town of Evans. The present colonial structure, with interior copied after the original, was erected in 1915.
Site of First Town Hall —— · —— Evans became a town by act of New York State Legislature, effective March 31, 1821. On this site and in the store of William Wright, the first town meetings were held.
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