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Near here, on July 18, A.D. 1765, Colonel George Croghan, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the British government, made a preliminary treaty of peace with Pontiac, chief of the Ottawas and leader of the great Indian confederacy. By the terms o…
Center Panel To HonorThe Men and Women who Have Served Our CountryLeft PanelW W I Apr. 6, 1916 — Nov. 11, 1918Atwill Augustus · Basil Bennett · Emil Bennett · James R. Bolin, Sr. · Rholand Fitzpatrick · Osc…
First Plaque - Front of Boulder1775 - D. A. R. (Crest) - 1783To the Honor and Gloryof the Soldiers of the- American Revolution -who are buried in Edgar Co.Row OneElijah Austin · Hugh Barr · James Benson · Gurdin Burnham &middo…
Plaque OneThese Millstones long in the Serviceof our Pioneers dedicated to their memoryby the Edgar County Historical Society1817 - 1927Plaque TwoFrom the Lewis Jones Farm near Nevinspresented toEdgar County by his sonWilliam Shields Jones, M.D.of…
In 1834, Joseph Smith, prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), together with about 200 LDS Volunteers from Kirtland, Ohio, marched to assist threatened church members in Jackson County, Missouri. Called "Zion's Camp," thi…
One of the original Milestones which marked the Trail from Vincennes to Chicago. This stone was No. 97 which designated the number of miles from Vincennes.
One of the original Milestones which marked the trail from Vincennes to Chicago. This stone was No. 93 which designated the number of miles from Vincennes.
A few miles west of here on July 18, 1765, Pontiac, an Ottawa Chief, and George Croghan, British Representative, met in a formal peace council which ended the most threatening Indian uprising against the British in North America. Following the Fre…
Abraham Lincolntraveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District ???1847 - 1857