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This bell once hung in the belfry of the original Wormleysburg School. The first school was located at the corner of Front and Houck Streets.
This bell once served as the original means of summoning volunteers of the community when there was a fire. It was hung in the belfry of the old Borough Building.
Located at this site, James Bell's tavern was a meeting place for Anti-Federalists. Members of the Anti-Federalist movement from the Cumberland frontier, led by Robert Whitehill, met in 1788 to oppose the US Constitution, because it lacked guarant…
The oldest church in the borough of Camp Hill. Congregation dates from 1833. Stone Building was erected in 1849 here on Church St. (later, 21st St.). Previously the Churches of God had conducted camp meetings on the wooded hill just beyond.
Named after Napoleon III, Emperor of France, the bronze tube design adopted in 1857 became the most widely used smoothbore artillery piece during the Civil War. At the battle of Antietam the U.S. Army employed 108 "Napoleon" pieces on th…
"General Gibbon, our commander, had just ordered Lieutenant Stewart to take his section about one hundred yards to the right of the Hagerstown Pike, in front of two straw stacks, when he beckoned me to follow. No sooner had we unlimbered, whe…
In the Maryland Campaign of September 1862, the Hagerstown Turnpike, a privately built toll road, served as a valuable route for troop movements. The Turnpike possibly was a macadam road, constructed with layers of broken-down stones. The post-and…
A Soldier Story: The capture of the flag of the 11th Mississippi Infantry 17 September 1862 "Col. Dwight caught up our rebel flag." Capt. Charles F. Morse Company B, 2nd Mass. Infantry
During the American Civil War, the onset of winter weather brought much of the fighting to a close until Spring. Federal and Confederate troops erected winter quarters from forests and scavenged from structures. Construction styles varied and each…
While the German Army was often at the forefront of technological development during World War II, one area where they lacked consistency was in antitank weapons. The Germans copied designs from the Swiss and even re-engineered captured Russian gu…
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