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Light Pollution Reduction Outdoor light fixtures at Lamberton Middle School are designed to direct light toward the ground or the building, rather than allowing light to escape into the sky. These fixtures focus light where it is needed and elimi…
Named for the dragoon units stationed at Carlisle Barracks and the Dragoons who trained at its Cavalry School of Practice during the school's tenure of operation from 1838 to 1861.
In 1838 the Cavalry School of Practice was opened at Carlisle barracks by Captain E.V. Sumner of the 1st Dragoons. By 1846 when the Mexican War began, the majority of the troopers of the mounted forces of the United States Army bore the Carlisle S…
Remembering the founding members, known and unknown of the Churchtown Church of God who are interred in this cemetery. They include four veterans of the Grand Army of the Republic. William B. - son of George M. & Mary A. Reed Died Apr. 28, 1…
Monroe Township history lives on in this 300 year old American Sycamore Tree. Its endurance reminds us of the lasting contribution of Monroe Township citizens to Pennsylvania and American history. Presented by Chairman A.W. Castle, Monroe …
Dedicated to the memory of Emelyn M. Trine 1900 — 1970 who bequeathed this beautiful land for the development of a community park
This naval gun and wall are dedicated in memory and honor of all veterans who have served their country in war or peace, so that we might be free. [Dedicated] Memorial Day 29 May 1989
The Boiling Springs Park opened in 1904 on the east side of the lake. It was a popular recreational destination until the park closed c. 1930. Most visitors arrived by trolley and came from throughout Cumberland County. Activities included walking…
Medal of Honor SFC Randall ShughartU.S. Army Special Forces SniperNewville, PACumberland County1958 - 1993Sergeant Shughart gave thesupreme sacrifice during a rescueattempt of a downed helicoptorpilot in SomoliaWe proudly honor SFC Shughartwith th…
This field is dedicated and named after Ralph "Jesse" Stoll where he played and managed in the Cumberland County League from 1933 to 1954 and the West Shore Twilight League from 1954 to 1976.
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