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Founded in 1894, this congregation worshiped in various places until members purchased this lot in 1900 and began construction of their own building. The Rev. E.M. Douthit and the Rev. B.B. Sanders led the dedication ceremonies in April 1901. A so…
This site was claimed in 1857 under a Republic of Texas land certificate held by former State representative Darwin Stapp of Victoria County. In 1869 he sold the tract to another absentee owner. By tradition, this house was built in the 1870s by J…
In early Texas had Apache, Comanche, Kiowa camps and mountain lookouts. White settlement began at Camp Colorado, U.S. 2nd Cavalry post on Jim Ned Creek, 1857. County was created Feb. 1, 1858. Named for Robert M. Coleman (1799-1837), a signer of Te…
Mountain and town named in honor of man in power here in 1840's, a Comanche chief friendly to Texans. Santa Anna in 1846 visited President Polk in Washington during U.S. negotiations to annex Texas. Also signed and kept until his death of cholera …
Dedicated to all United States military personnel who risked their lives for God and country and to the rebirth of patriotism of this great nation May 27, 1991
Built 1886 by an attorney from Mississippi. Colonial architecture. House was enlarged from 8 to 12 rooms after 1903 purchase by Fred W. Turner, rancher and oilman.      This was gathering place for area social and business leaders. Recorded…
This monument erected as a memorial to the original Coleman County court house and to the pioneers who settled Coleman County.      The monument contains the original corner stone and great bell from the court house erected in 1884.
In Memoriam World War II Company B 142nd Infantry 36th Division
This tablet commemorates the Western Cattle Trail that passed through Coleman in 1867-1895.
Born in Kentucky. Came to Texas in 1832. Commanded company of volunteers at Siege of Bexar (San Antonio), Dec. 5-10, 1835. Delegate to constitutional convention where he signed Texas Declaration of Independence, 1836. Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Sam Hous…