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This stone marks the Hightower Indian Trail used by the Cherokees and by trading parties of other tribes (On the base) 1931 100th Anniversary
Cherokee Indians And Muster and Drill Ground Georgia Militia For Gritter District
Circa 1845
Founded in Atlanta in 1940, United Distributors exemplifies the entrepreneurialism that characterized Georgia business during the twentieth century. With the repeal of prohibition in 1933, the Twenty-first Amendment delegated to each state the rig…
Front: To our Confederate Dead. Erected and dedicated by Kennesaw Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy, Marietta, Georgia. 1908. Right: To the 3000 soldiers in this cemetery, from every Southern state, who fell on Geor…
(front) Wisconsin Dedicated to the memory of Wisconsin Soldiers who gave their lives in defense of the Union in 1861 - 1865 Four hundred and five belonging to the following regiments are buried here 1st Cavalry 5th Battery Light…
This bend in the Confederate line became the battle's focal point. At 9 a.m. on June 27, 1864, thousands of yelling, blue-clad soldiers charged across the distant field toward the Tennessee soldiers in these earthworks. As the federals came for…
Beaten federals entrenched within 30 yards to the Confederate earthworks. As the Union attack stalled, two surviving Federal colonels hastily discussed retreat. Realizing that withdrawal under heavy fire would invite more bloodshed, they decide…
Illinois veterans erected this memorial 50 years after the battle. The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain on July 27, 1864, caused the Union Army estimated 3,000 killed, wounded, or missing soldiers. The Confederates suffered fewer than 1,000 casualti…
Union Attackers failed to split the Confederate army here. On the morning of June 27, 1864, three brigades totaling 5,500 soldiers from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois charged toward Pigeon Hill. Advancing in battle lines astride Burnt Hickory Road,…
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