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Built in 1890 by Rutland Railroad President Dr. William Seward Webb (1851-1926), the Railroad Station was originally located near the center of Shelburne to serve passengers of the Central Vermont and Rutland Railroads. Designed by architect Rober…
Scripture 1800 · The First Society Tradition 1834 · The Brick Church Experience 1872 · The Stone Church Reason 2000 · The Bicentennial Addition
In appreciation of Ron Stowell Key member of the team that helped create and shape Shelburne Museum
Hezekiah Barnes, a U.S. militia captain turned road surveyor, strategically located his inn and trading post in Charlotte on opposite sides of the main stage route from Montreal. Built in the Georgian style, the exterior of the inn features symmet…
Smokehouses are small, airtight stone structures where meat was preserved. Traditionally, butchered cuts were salted and then hung in a smokehouse above a smoldering fire of corn cobs and hickory wood. Meats remained in place for several days, or …
The active slate-quarrying industry of Castleton, Vermont, provided ample raw materials for the construction of this holding structure, which houses two cells and a jailer's anteroom. A single barred window admits light into the building, which is…
World War I · World War II Korea · Cold War Vietnam · Persian Gulf Iraq · Afghanistan Be still o hearts that visit here on these our soldiers-we reflect, remember them, their sacrifice, come with gratit…
Deeded to the town by Capt. Benjamin Harrington April 18, 1807
The Museum's collection of 19th- and early 20th-century horse-drawn vehicles was initially displayed in Horseshoe Barn. With the addition of more than 150 wagons, sleighs, coaches, and fire equipment, the collection outgrew its original home. The …
Constructed from historic timbers, the Print Shop exhibits a range of printing equipment that might have been found in an early 20th-century small-town print shop, from an 1820s handpress to a 1950 high-speed Heidelberg press. Late 19th-century ne…
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