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From approximately this spot on July 5, 1876, Colonel Clement A. Lounsberry, the founder of the Bismarck Tribune in a feat of newspaper enterprise that overcame many obstacles, flashed - - by telegraph - - to the New York Herald the first account …
Presented to the State ofNorth Dakotaby Harry Falconer McLeanto honor the memory ofthe pioneers ofthe great Northwest.This plaque erected bythe Bismarck Chapter Pioneer Daughters.< Back of Monument: >No trails too rugged,no obstacle too large,no m…
          Apple Creek today is only a mere trickle compared to what it was during the time it was formed from a large sheet of glacial ice. Looking out over the valley one can almost imagine the enormity of this creek during its formation. Th…
Presented by the French National Railroads to the State of North Dakota in gratitude for the help given to France by the American people
Dedicated to all men and women wounded in all our wars.My stone is red for the blood they shed. The medal I bear is my country's way to show they care if I could be seen by all mankind maybe peace will come in my lifetime.
North Dakota Veterans Memorial 1989 In this year of North Dakots's centennial, this monument is dedicated to all North Dakotans who served in the armed forces since statehood.The names of the men and women listed on this memorial gave their lives …
Legislator - GovernorSupreme Court JusticeTreasurer of the United States of America
SakakaweaSakakawea has become a recognized name as part of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Although her name is famous, few facts remain to document her life and contributions to the voyage. When Lewis and Clark met Sakakawea in 1804 she was about…