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This building is the original First Post Office west of the Allegheny Mountains. General Thomas Barbee commissioned first Post Master, August 20, 1792. Logs moved from Walnut Street to Constitution Square. Dedicated to the State of Kentucky by the…
This original building built pre-1792, served as the first office west of the Alleghenies. On August 20, 1792, Thomas Barbee was commissioned postmaster. The first mail was received on November 3, 1792. The post office was moved here from its orig…
Fisher's Row, circa 1816-1817, was built by Jeremiah Fisher as the first rental property in Danville. Fisher's row consists of two, two-story houses with a common wall. The brick is laid in the Flemish Bond Pattern.
The Watts-Bell House circa 1816-1817, was built by William Watts for leading Danville merchant David Bell. Joshua Fry Bell, grandson of David Bell, grew up in this house. He became a distinguished lawyer and statesman, serving as a member of the K…
This one-story brick building, originally only two rooms, was the first brick schoolhouse in Danville. The schoolhouse, circa 1820, was renovated in 1975.
The original log courthouse, which was built on this site in 1784-1785, housed the Supreme Court of Kentucky and the Constitutional Conventions which led to Kentucky's statehood on June 1, 1792. This replica was erected in 1942.
Native of Delaware. Trained in medicine and surgery under E. McDowell, lived in this house 1825-30. He performed the 3rd ovariotomy in the U.S. (1823), was the first to perform laminectomy (1829), and was an innovative contributor to urologic surg…
In 1785, the District of Kentucky ordered the construction of a jail, "to be constructed of 9-inch logs". This replica of the jail was built in 1942.
Willis Russell, a well-educated & emancipated slave of Rev. War captain Robert Craddock, relocated from Warren Co., Ky. to Danville around April 1838. He taught black children in this pre-1795 log home that he inherited when Capt. Craddock died in…
Founded on this campus in 1819 by pioneer Kentuckians who held that heart and mind must be trained together, and dedicated to the inculcation of ideals of culture and character in the hearts of American youth. Veritas Lux Mentis.
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