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On September 9, 1908, near this site, Orville Wright carried aloft in public his first passenger, Lt. Frank P. Lahm, for a flight lasting 6 minutes and 24 seconds. Three days later, he took Major George O. Squier on a flight of 9 minutes and…
Orville Wright made his first heavier-than air flight in Virginia at Fort Myer for the U.S. Army on 3 Sept. 1908. He flew the plane slightly more than a minute, reaching a speed of 40 miles per hour. During the next two weeks here, Wright bro…
Abner Doubleday Col. to Bvt. Major General U.S. Army Major General Volunteers 1819 1893 He was graduated at West Point 1842 1848 Mexican War 1852 Commissioner to Mexico 1854 Indian Hostilities in Texas 1856 Indian Hostilities in Florid…
Original marker:The officers and crew attached to the U. S. Steamer Lancaster, Flag Officer J. B. Montgomery, on her first cruise in these seas, erect this monument in memory of shipmates who died and are buried here. Bronze marker added after …
(front) R Adams Cowley 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps United States Army July 15, 1917 - October 27, 1991 Next to creating a life the finest thing a man can do is to save one Abraham Lincoln (back) A cardiothoracic and trauma surgeon who…
In memory of the American-Armenian Volunteer who fell in the defense of freedom and human rights Argonne-Arara Presented by Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America on behalf of the Armenian Survivors April 28, 1985
Fourteen Unknown Soldiers and Sailors of the War of 1812 Symbolic of all who made the supreme sacrifice in that war
England's King Charles I granted the entire Potomac River to Maryland in 1632. Four centuries later Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia were still arguing over their mutual boundary.Alexander's Island was one controversial site. It wa…
Dedicated to the memory of the members of the 23rd Regimental Combat Team missing or killed in action during the Korean War1950-1953Presented by the members of the 23rd Infantry RegimentKorean War Branch2nd Infantry Division Association2nd Infantr…
In honor of the Redcatchers for their sacrifice and selfless dedication to duty in the Republic of Vietnam, 1966-1970.They shall remain a steadfast example in the hearts of their fellow soldiers and countrymen.Insignia of the 199th Infantry Brigade
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