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French troops under Count de Rochambeau made their 36th camp here September 16-17, 1781, enroute to Yorktown, Virginia. Most of the troops embarked from Annapolis, but the artillary marched to Georgetown to cross the Potomac River.
Founder of the Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Born May 19, 1795. Died December 24, 1873.
On September 2, 1958 Soviet MIG Fighters shot down United States Air Force C-130 #60528 over Armenia. This memorial is dedicated in memory of the seventeen airmen who perished that day, and their Armed Forces compatriots who were killed, injure…
Francis Asbury, Father of American Methodism, founded a Methodist Society in Annapolis in 1777. They built a meeting house in 1785 within the present grounds of the Naval Academy. In 1789, the "Old Blue Church" moved to this site and house one of …
Historic Annapolis. 5 miles. United States Naval Academy.
During the Revolutionary War, 1200 Continental Light Infantrymen under the command of Marquis de Lafayette encamped on the rise behind this sign en route to the decisive battle in Yorktown, Va. They arrived in Annapolis from Head of Elk by a floti…
To Edward, Joshua, and John Dorsey, sons of Edward Dorsey who settled in Maryland in 1650. The patent was signed by Charles Calvert, then Lieutenant General, and later Third Lord Baltimore. This plantation has been the homestead of the Dorseys for…
Albert Cabell Ritchie. 1876 - 1936. Four times Governor of Maryland. He who is worthy of honor does not die.
Earleigh Heights Store. Historic Home of Charles J. and Mary Novak Katlic and their children Marie, Charles, Eveylyn, James, Helen, Margie and Elizabeth.
May 30 1960. Erected by Pasadena Post No. 277, American Legion. Dedicated to Anne Arundel County as a memorial to all who fought so valiantly in the World Wars and Korea....with eternal gratitude to those who made the supreme sacrifice to preserve…