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Surveyor of the Adirondack wilderness and state lands from 1872 to 1900.Champion of the N.Y. Forest Preserve
For nearly a century, canal boats were pulled by mules and horse over this portion of New York State's famed Erie Canal. One of the slowest and most crowded parts of the waterway started to the north of the Flatts at Maplewood. Here Began the T…
From This Ground Glenn Curtiss Began The First Long Distance Airplane Flight Albany To New York May 29, 1910.
Caves are formed when limestone is dissolved by flowing water. In the ceiling at the back of the cave you can see a large, natural chimney where water has seeped into the rock from above. As limestone dissolves, calcite is deposited to from flowst…
Completed 1825 Terminus atHudson River. Locks calledSidecut allowed entry tonavigable waters
Joseph HenryPathfinder in ScienceBorn in Albany1797Died in Washington1878[Left Panel]:I arranged around one of the upper rooms in the Albany Academy a wire of more than a mile in length throvgh which I was enabled to make signals by sounding a bel…
SightseeingDutch visitors left the first written accounts of the Great Falls of the Mohawk River at Cohoes during the 1640s. Generations of sightseers, poets, and artists followed to look at the falls, hear their roar, and feel the spray. The C…
First building erected for themanufacture of knit goods bypower in America, 1836. Firstpower knitting machineryapplied in Cohoes, 1832
First Power Mill - for the - Manufacture of Knit Fabrics ———————— Erected in 1843, By Egberts & Bailey Inventors of the Power Knitting Machine in 1832. ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? · Hand o…
By his faith in God and man he built our nationErected in 1932 by the New York State Commission for the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth ofGeorge WashingtonHon. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor Hon. Herbert H. Lehman, Lieut…