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Don't Tread on Me ———————— The Four Chaplains [Sinking of USAT Dorchester] ———————— [Vietnam Scene] Carlos "White Feather" Hathcock
Renovated in 1996 Under The Guidance Of Architect William Wagner
When the first settlers arrived in Iowa, nearly 30 of this state's 35 million acres were blanketed with tallgrass prairie. In less than 150 years, 99.9% of this vast, lush grassland disappeared under the plow. The prairie before you contains some …
"A grass plant is small and humble, lost in the multitude, and unnoticed. Hardly one person in a hundred thousand realizes what is going on in the growth of grass. But for the protection of the soil, grass is just as important as trees - and for b…
Determined and authenticated by the Historical Department of Iowa, 1911. This monument was erected in 1917 by the Iowa Daughters of the American Revolution in memory of the pioneers who followed this trail and its tributaries. We cross the…
This flag display has been erected by the Bank of Memories Museum in proud and grateful memory of American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen and especially those who laid down their lives in all quarters of this earth, that other peoples might…
The Garden Pond Is In Memory Of Our Great Grandfather Jasper James And His Family They moved to Adair County in 1892 by covered wagon with their young children herding the livestock. They settled on a farm two and a half miles southwest of H…
Thank You VeteransFor Our Freedom Our debt to theheroic men and valiant womenof our country can neverbe repaid. They haveearned our undying gratitude.America will never forgettheir sacrifices.President Harry S. Truman [Honor Roll of Veterans]
[Front]In grateful appreciation thismonument is dedicated to theVeterans of Adair Countywho served their countryin times of war and peace. [Back has POW-MIA emblem]
Site of the first train robbery in the west. Committed by the notorious Jesse James and his gang of outlaws July 21, 1873