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Built in 1859 by Elijah Amasa Allen. In 1888 Eugene Berbecker, foster son of E.A. Allen Became Owner. Berbecker Park is named in his honor.
Built in 1865 by James Shirra. This same year he opened a Grist Mill at 102 N. Arlington Heights Road and Wing Street.
Welcome to Pond Dakota Mission Park, the site of the historic Oak Grove Mission and the 1856 Gideon and Agnes Pond House. The Ponds served as missionaries to the Dakota Indians and as farmers and ministers to the community of Bloomington, Minnesot…
In the 1830s and 1840s Christian Missionaries came into Indian Country, which included Bloomington, with the purpose of converting Dakota Indians to Christian beliefs and white person's ways. This included farming, owning property, receiving a for…
In memory of Charley J. Langer, District Forest Ranger, Challis National Forest, Pilot Captain Bill Kelly and Co-Pilot Arthur A. Crofts of the U.S. Army killed in an airplane crash April 5, 1943 near this point while searching for survivors of an …
Macedon's Wayneport Historic Area At one time known as West Macedon, Wayneport was the first port in Wayne County east of Rochester on the original Clinton's Ditch. The first post office in Macedon was located here. On the south side of the…
In remembrance of - The 26 Erie Canal laborers buried here, stricken in 1846. "They built the longest canal, with the least experience, for the most public benefit"
Macedon Academy Est. 1841 to educate in the academics, in character, and in the equality of all people. Frederick Douglass spoke here March 6, 1861.
1789 Webb and Hannah Harwood first settlers of Macedon pioneer home located near this marker
May 29, 1800 The First Baptist Church of Macedon was organized on this site in the home of Lemuel Spear, a veteran of the Revolution.
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