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In 1816, William Caslon IV produced the first sans-serif printing type, popularised by printers like R. Taylor, who worked in this court.
Father Basil Jellicoe 1899-1935 Housing Reformer Created housing for the community replacing the slums of Somers Town
The curfew bell has rung from this tower for centuries; the current bell dates from 1651. The tower, and the wall next to it, were built during the reign of Richard I (1189-99) and once stood on the edge of the river. It is thought that Sir Thomas…
In the 13th century, the Medieval Palace consisted of much more than the two towers you have just visited. The empty area in front of the White Tower is known as the Inmost Ward. Henry III had the White Tower whitened for the first time in 1241, t…
The 13th-century palace was built along the shore of the River Thames. Henry III and, later, his son Edward I would have been able to look out of their windows and see a fine river view. Between 1275 and 1285 Edward built the outer-curtain wall, a…
Cast by the founder Mohammed ibn Hamza for the Sultan Sulaiman ibn Salim Khan, this gun was intended for a Turkish expedition to India to expel the Portuguese colonists. Captured at Aden in 1839 by Captain H Smith of HMS Volage and displayed at th…
This massive fortress gun is believed to have been captured by British forces from the forts guarding Canton during the Second China War (1856-61). It was brought to Britain as a trophy by HMS Nankin. It was formerly displayed at Upnor Castle, Ken…
St. Pancras Old Church stands on one of Europe's most ancient sites of Christian worship, possibly dating back to the early 4th Century. The present building has been here since the 11th or 12th Century and is situated close to the River Fleet, wh…
Wednesday, 11th March 1702 The first edition of the Daily Courant was published in Fleet Street, Britain's first daily newspaper.
There has been a cottage on this site for at least 200 years. Originally, it was the home of the Controller of the Tower Wharf, known as the Wharfinger. Until the late 19th century, the Wharf was a busy dockside. Weapons, gunpowder and other mi…
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