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The tradition of marking a burial grew out of people's inability to accept the finality of death. Since stone, by the human timescale, is not subject to decay, it represented something eternal. The old burying grounds is one of Nova Scotia's more…
In memory of the crew of the Beam Trawler Jutland foundered at sea March 11, 1920 These crossed anchors recovered from fishing banks on Jutland's previous trip are placed as a symbol of our hope that their souls are resting in eternal peace.
Registered Heritage Property Parish Hall Circa 1775
Step Back in Time Step back to the beginning of the seventeenth century. The Mi'Kmaq had given Liverpool the name 'Ogomkegea', meaning "place of departure." Descending the Mersey River in the spring they would disperse along the coast to summer e…
Erected by the Citizens of Queens County to the Glory of God and in loving memory of their sons who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War 1914 [World War I Honored Dead] 1918 1939 [World War II Honored Dead] 1945 1950 Korean War …
In these times of rapid change and technological advancement, few things in life remain constant. However, Dickinson Square has endured over the years by serving its community through diversification, resilience and sheer determination. In the 18…
The oldest burial ground in Liverpool, with stones dating back to 1761. Some of the Town's first settlers are buried here. Significant family names include Payzant, Collins, Barss, Freeman, Knowles, and Kempton.
You are standing in Dickinson Square, named after Moss Kent Dickinson, the founder of the Village of Manotick. Dickinson and his partners were established forwarders of goods and people along the Rideau River. Recognizing the potential of water po…
The Rideau Canal is a 202 kilometre waterway made navigable by a system of more than 50 dams, 47 locks and 19 kilometres of actual canal ruts. Built between 1826 and 1832 as British military defence strategy, the Canal served as a secure water rou…
Since the Rideau Canal opened in 1832, water management has been essential to its successful operation. Initially, water concerns focused on maintaining navigation and protecting engineering structures, with the excess water supplied to power mill…
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