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Built 1862-1869 Veered to West Fifth Street
First National Bank Robbed Sept. 1900 by Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch 1969
Our Men Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice Vernon Crossen · Marine William Kent Lamb · Navy Chester Arthur Lillie · Field Hospital Ole Admundsen Littleton · Infantry Harold Martin · Ammunition Train …
Now Phillips Furniture Successor to E. Reinhart and Company 1868 — 1968
"Saw in this distance a flag flying denoting a trading post, rode over to it but found the most they had to sell was very poor whiskey. ... These traders get a great price for everything they sell." - Henry S. Anable, Aug. 25, 1852
"The water is warm and tastes but little better than soap suds. We use acid in all the water we drink, by that means we manage to get along, although we are all anxious to get off this river" - Ephriam Brandiff, Aug. 16, 1852
Whichever direction your travels take you, you're going to have a similar experience to what the California-bound emigrants had. You're going to see the same country, except for the towns and the ranch meadows. The big difference, though, is that …
Before nearly quarter of a million California-bound emigrants followed the path of the Humboldt River from 1841 to 1869, someone had to have first explored the Humboldt and figured out where it went. That someone was Peter Skene Ogden, who travele…
First discovered November 9, 1828 by Peter Skene Ogden on his fifth Snake Country Expedition. Entering Nevada near present Denio, Ogden came southward along Quinn River and the Little Humboldt River, emerging on the Humboldt main stem near this si…
A few houses, a ferry across the Humboldt River, and Bridge Street paved with sagebrush stubs comprised the town of Winnemucca in 1873 when Frank Button and his uncle I.V. Button drove cattle into the area to begin ranching operations in the rich,…