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This fire tower was part of a network of towers that once protected Indiana. In 1930, Indiana began constructing a series of fire towers with the goal of having no visibility gap. By 1952, Indiana had 33 towers, most of them in the southern hal…
In Honored Memory of our Heroes who Gave their Lives ( Middle Section ) ( Top ) This memorial dedicated to all the men and women of Pulaski County who served their country in World Wars I and II and forever honoring these our her…
U. S. Civil War 1861 - - 1865 From 1861 - 1865, Pulaski County men served the Union in the Civil War. Serving primarily in Co. B, 87th and Co. H, 46th Infantry Regiments of Indiana Volunteers, these soldiers valiantly gave their lives in the…
The Teacher, by sculptor Casey Eskridge, honors the native Potawatomi and Miami tribes who fished the Tippecanoe River. This bronze was sponsored by the Pulaski County Historical Society and funded through the Pulaski County Community Foundation. …
Named in honor of American Revolutionary War hero from Poland, Count Casimir Pulaski, general under George Washington. Pulaski (killed during the siege of Savannah in 1779) fought and gave his life for the cause of American independence.