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The Indiana-Texas Land Company planted a town at this site in 1906, naming it for adjoining counties in western Indiana. It was to be a shipping point on a new railroad line. C. R. Gardner and J. C. Stitt of Terre Haute, Indiana, built a 2-story h…
The Milo Community began in the late 19th century on the prairie between Palo Duro and Tule Canyons. Named for the favored area crop, the settlement had a store, post office, school, and scattered family dugouts and homes in the 1890s. When John A…
Two miles north of here Gen. Ranald S. Mackenzie, 4th U.S. Cavalry, ordered shot the 1450 horses captured from Indians in battle in Palo Duro Canyon, September 28, 1874, to prevent their possible recovery by the Indians and to force the Indians t…
Quanah Parker never forgot that nearby on Sept. 28 & 29, 1874, the U.S. Army shot 1,048 Indian horses
Quanah Parker's Peyote blanket and other Indian artifacts are part of Swisher County's Museum collection Arrow Sculptor: Charles A Smith
Comanche and other Indian Tribes camped and hunted along the Tule Creek Arrow Sculptor: Charles A Smith
Built 1909 of red brick with frosted glass above wood awning. First housed a confectionary. Has ornate marble counter and back bar. Exterior remodeled 1950. Is oldest retail firm in town at original location. First owner was E. W. Flynt (1888-1968…
Formed from Young and Bexar territories Created: August 21, 1876 Organized:July 17, 1890 Named in honor of James Gibson Swisher 1794-1864 Conspicuous for gallantry at the storming of Bexar, 1835 Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independen…
The history of this community cemetery dates to October 1890, just three months after Swisher County was organized and Tulia was named county seat. The first recorded burial here is that of 18-year old Louis H. Harral, who died on October 17, 1890…
The town of Tulia, established in 1887 on the Tule Ranch division of the JA ranch, received an economic boost in the early 20th century with the arrival of the railroad. When Tulia began, the nearest rail connection was more than 100 miles away in…