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In memory of our U.S. heroeswho have sacrificed their livesby fighting for freedomin the War in Iraq. May they rest in peace. Dedicated byThe Happy Club of Stamford2007
This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom." On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated Stamp…
W. W. IJohn Cridland LathamMar. 3, 1888 - Nov. 5, 1975 W. W. IIHomer Lee WiseFeb. 27, 1917 - Apr. 22, 1974 Always remembered Dedicated July 4th, 2009City of StamfordVFW Post 9617 SpringdaleStamford American Legion Post 3
1776 ? ? ? ? ? 1976? ? ? In August, 1781 Gov. Jonathan Trumbull and the Council of Safety ordered construction of fortifications near Stamford to prevent a surprise attack from the enemy. Designed by Col. Rufus Putnam, and erected and garrisoned b…
Tomark the site near byofFort StamfordBuilt and garrisonedfor the defense of the peoplein these partsin the War forAmerican Independence Erected byStamfordChapterDaughters of theAmerican RevolutionSept. 14,A.D.1926 < Lower Marker : >Relocate…
Edward A. ConnellHeritage ParkThis park dedicated May 19, 1984As a Tribute to His ServiceAs Supertindent of ParksFrom 1952 to 1974Writer, Orator, Philosopher, StatesmanTeacher and FriendHe Brought Beauty to Stamford's Parks andEverlasting Pleasure…
This MemorialIs Erected to TheMemory OfCharles E. RowellMayor of StamfordJan. 1, 1911 to Dec. 31, 1913Born May 2, 1849Died March 29, 1914A skilfull physician, a loyal friend, an efficient public officer, he served the truth as he saw it with singu…
Christopher ColumbusDiscoverer of AmericaPresented ByStamford ChapterUnico NationalDedicated October 12, 1960[ back ]Stamford ChapterUnico National"A Service Club"UnityNeighborlinessIntegrityCharityOpportunity"Service Above Self"
Michael F. LioneMemorial ParkLarge, soft-brown eyes, reverently expressing the simple faith of a little boy; determined countenance and rugged body that bespoke the athlete who never quit; tenderness and compassion without softness and indulgence;…
1776 ? 1976St. John's Episcopal ChurchIn 1774, St John's, the first Episcopal Church in this area, was built here on land granted by the town. Struck by lightning that same year, the original building was repaired and endured for a hundred years. …