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The first road built by the colonists in Maryland. It led from "St. Marys" to "Mattapany" on the Patuxent River. Referred to in 1639 as the "Mattapany Path."
Pro Deo. Pro Patria. This tablet erected in honor of Hon. Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of Maryland, members of the General Assembly 1924 and other public spirited citizens in recognition of their co-operation in restoring this historic institution …
Established by act of Assembly, 1839. A monument to the birth of the State, 1634. "Where the mothers of future generations may receive their education at a place so well calculated to inspire affection and attachment for their native state." Erect…
(west face) To the memory of Leonard Calvert, First Governor of Maryland this monument is erected by the State of Maryland. (north face) Leonard Calvert, second son of George Calvert, first Baron of Baltimore and Anne, his wife, led the first c…
On this site was erected in 1676 the first State House of Maryland. Previous to this date the Assembly met in various places subsequent to the Planting of the Province at St. Mary's City, March 27, 1634. The twelve stone markers forming a cross ou…
First register of the Colonial Land Office, Clerk of the Assembly 1682, Chief Clerk to the Secretary of the Province 1692, member of the committee signing protest against the removal of the Capital from St. Mary's City to Annapolis 1694. His home …
Here, for the first time in America, men and women of differing faiths lived in peace and goodwill, practicing freedom of conscience, according to Lord Baltimore's "Instructions to Colonists," 1633. "Freemen Assembled," of various beliefs, changed…
Lord of St. Michael's, Trinity, and St. Gabriel's Manors with Court Leet and Court Baron. First governor of Maryland 1634-1647.
In the early 1880s, Marylanders began to commemorate the "lost city" of St. Mary's as a place of special significance. The 300th anniversary of Maryland's founding in 1934 brought renewed attention and enthusiasm. The State House replica was built…
The State's 200th anniversary memorial established by Act of the Legislature of 1839 as a living monument to mark the birthplace of the State and of religious liberty.