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Too young and na?ve to think they could failToo full of visions for the end of the trailThey stored their silk dresses and donned calicoTo join in the cry of Westward Ho Their diaries tell of the endless hoursThe vast sea of grass and bounty of…
Dedicated to thosewho gave their livesin behalf of their country They gave their tomorrowfor our today Spanish American War · World War IWorld War II · Korean WarVietnam · Persian Gulf War
With the faith and courage oftheir forefathers who madepossible the freedom of theseUnited StatesThe Boy Scouts of Americadedicate this copy of theStatue of Liberty as a pledgeof everlasting fidelity andand loyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade tost…
Patee Park Baptist Church is the second oldest Baptist Church in St. Joseph. It began as a Sunday School in 1881 under the leadership of H.G. Walker, an active leader in the First Baptist Church of St. Joseph. It was organized as a church Febru…
On April 3, 1860, the Pony Express started from this neighborhood on its historic run to the West. Eight months after the Pony Express joined East and West, the country split North to South when South Carolina seceded. Missouri, including St. Jose…
This monument erected by theDaughters of the American RevolutionandThe City of St. Josephmarks the place where the firstPony Express started on April 3, 1860
· Built July, 1937 in West Burlington,Iowa by C.B.&Q. at a cost of $99,285.00 · Weight 288 Tons or 576,000 lbs. · Class 0-5-B Northern Type · Used in Passenger and Freight Service · Later Improvements Totaled $1…
On April 3, 1860 the eastern Pony Express mail arrived by train and it was late. To save time the Pony Express Company which was located in the Patee House at 12th and Penn Streets had the mail taken directly to the post office. The post office wa…
After the 1848 discovery of gold in California, more than 100,000 sturdy Americans passed through St. Joseph on their way west in quest of wealth, opportunity and better lives. The "Gold Rush" began and those who followed the "Star of Empire" beca…
This property has been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior