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On the morning of September 11, 2001, four commercial airliners were hijacked in a premeditated terrorist attack against the United States. Two of the planes were intentionally flown into the World Trade Center's twin towers in New York City; a th…
In a log cabin located on this site, Charles Frederick Goeb printed a Bible in 1813. It was the first Bible printed west of the Allegheny Mountains.
Built in 1853 by John H. Hite, this building has served as the principle hotel for thousands of stagecoach, railroad, and later automobile travelers between Bedford and Greensburg. In the 1870s it was enlarged from two to three stories, and in 192…
On July 28, 2002, nine coal miners, trapped for four days due to flooding of the Quecreek Mine, were saved via a rescue shaft drilled here. Combined efforts of local, state, and federal agencies, mining and other industries, local mine workers, em…
Roll of HonorDedicated to thetwo hundred fifty twomembers of EdgewoodAerie 1801 F.O.E. whoserved and to the sacredmemory of these who gavetheir lives in World War IIHoward A. BaldwinJohn BanyorWallace J. BishopWilliam A. DefibaughJohn L. James, Jr…
Formed April 17, 1795 out of Bedford County and named for Somersetshire, England. County seat of Somerset was incorporated in 1804. Settlement followed the course of Forbes Road, opened 1758. This farm county is noted for production of maple syrup.
The 142nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, commanded by Colonel Robert Parson Cummins, former Somerset County Sheriff, enrolled 935 officers and men in 1862. Companies C, D & F were raised in Somerset County. The regiment took part in over twenty …
Laid out the north half of the settlement renamed Somerset in 1795. Schneider and his brother Jacob conducted the first store in Somerset. It stood on this site.
Set aside for burial ground and place of worship on the original plat of Milfordstown by Ulrich Bruner, 1787, and by Peter Ankeny in 1789 when he laid out the south side of the settlement renamed Somerset in 1795.
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