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... we picked up six million feet of timber in a raft to tow South to San Diego. Long, slow lazy days, making no more than three knots. We rigged a fishing line and caught beautiful King Salmon on the way." - Albert Hody, Hercules Fireman. Bui…
"Here a bath is a matter of stepping off the porch, a stroll is taken in a boat, and a splash of oars announces butcher and baker." - Albert B. Hunt in Houseboats and Houseboating. 1905 This little houseboat, referred to locally as an ark, wa…
Quotation obscured This building was the superintendent's office at the Tubbs company factory or ropewalk. This pioneer industrial factory was located on Iowa Street in the Portero district from 1856 until 1963. Alfred Tubbs arrived in San…
My uncle Rudy Sommer had the Sea Fox for years. She was a lucky boat and was a good puller. Hillstorm built two of them, the Fox and the Captain, both real good boats." - Captain Harold Sommer, former Sea Fox mate. The Sea Fox, a Miki class tu…
Eureka was originally launched as the Ukiah, a rail car and passenger ferry. She ran between San Francisco and Tiburon for the San Francisco and Northern Pacific Railroad, later the Northwestern Pacific. Between 1920 and 1922 Ukiah was totally…
Harvey Milk and Scott Smith opened their camera store at 575 Castro Street in 1973. It quickly developed into the neighborhood's "city hall" - the place where people always seemed to gather to discuss the latest news, problems, and concerns. Its f…
Unfortunately this maker has been badly vandalized. Missing portions are represented by ... Imagine how the Glen Canyon Park used to be part of the open ... hills far south of San Francisco... how you might feel if you came across this 70 acre…
Poet, dramatist and political activist whose heroic opposition to totalitarianism resulted in his murder by Fascists during the Spanish Civil War.
Passionate activist for queer Asians and Pacific Islanders and AIDS awareness who was instrumental is brining LGBT counseling programs to San Francisco public high schools.
Eloquent novelist, essayist, poet, social critic, civil rights leader and passionate advocate for racial equality and human rights for gays.
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