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Who donated this building for the purpose of creating a Public Library for the enjoyment and enrichment of the community he so prized. His lifelong public service and this generous gift evidence his commitment to the development of Saluda and its …
Baty Hall was a faithful and dedicated public official, having served the citizens of Polk County and the city of Saluda in a stately manner.He served as chairman of Polk County board of commissioners from December 3, 1956 to December 3, 1968, and…
This memorial was established to give honor and special commendation to all men and women of the Saluda area who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. The service they gave in peace and war to their country is eternally appre…
The steepest, standard gauge,mainline railway grade in the U.S. Opened in 1878; three mi. long. Crests here.