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Designed By Robert Erskine, Surveyor General To George Washington, in Ringwood, July 1776 These 12 sided devices were chained together across the Hudson and Delaware Rivers to thwart British shipping. Designed in war, this monument is dedicat…
In Memory Of Our Departed Comrades Who Served Honorably In The Armed Forces Of Our Beloved Country Dedicated by Ringwood Skylands V.F.W. Post 10154     1977
In memory ofRobert Erskine F.R.S.Geographer and Surveyerfor the Army ofThe United States Son of the Revd Ralph ErskineLate Minister at Dunjerminein ScotlandBornSeptember 7th, 1735DiedOctober 2nd, 1780Aged 45 Yearsand 25 Days
Born ? 1735 ? in ScotlandDied ? 1780 ? at Ringwood Friend in need for Washington Geographer and Surveyer Generalfor the American Army in theRevolutionary War A true and faithful Christian patriotErected by the New Jersey Society of the S.…
Ringwood Manor Iron Complex (1740-1931) was an important element in the early development of the iron industry in the United States. Among its leaders were the Ogdens, Peter Hasenclever, Robert Erskine - F.R.S., Martin Ryerson, Peter Cooper, and A…
has been designated aRegistered NationalHistoric LandmarkUnder the provisions of theHistoric Sites Act of August 21, 1935this site possesses exceptional valuein commemorating and illustratingthe history of the United States U.S. Department of t…
Here, during the Revolution,were made cannon and shotfor the Continental Army.Washington and Greene werequartered at the Manorhome of Robert Erskine,Geographer of the Army.Here began the march of3,000 soldiers to Yorktown.