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First Anglo-American farmerin Presidio CountyIn August 1848, Mr. Leaton acquiredthe building and it has sincebeen known as Fort Leaton
Proximate site of Presidio del Norte de la Junta established by Captain Alonzo Rubin de Celis in 1759-1760. Name of post retained in part by the present town and county. In this vicinity the missions of San Antonio de los Puliques, San Francisco d…
Approximate site ofMission del Apostol Santiago One of nine missions establishedin the Big Bend countryby Father Fray Nicolas Lopez, O.F.M.,and Don Juan Dominguez de Mendozain 1683-1684Maintained by Franciscan missionariesfor the civilizing and…
About 1773, the Spanish garrison at Presidio del Norte, present Ojinaga, Mexico, established El Fortin de San Jose in this vicinity to protect local farmers. The settlement retained the name after the post was abandoned about 1810. After Ben Leato…
Born in Kentucky. Came to Texas before 1846. Was a U. S. Army scout in Mexican War. Established the first mail service from San Antonio to El Paso in 1851. Drove first Butterfield Overland mail coach in 1858 through dangerous Comanche Indian terri…