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Reed covered lodge by the watering place... A spring named by Indians... Source of the present name, Poughkeepsie.
Built in 1767 by members of the Church of England in Dutchess County for their minister.
Speck Zyn KillDutch for "Speck, his stream". Later called Speck 'n Kill and Speckenkill. Speck, an Indian, owned this land. State Education Department 1935
Walkway Loop TrailCrossing Walkway Over the Hudson and the Mid-Hudson Bridge, this 3.6-mile loop offers thrilling river views and connects attractions on the Poughkeepsie and Highland waterfronts. It provides a link with 25 miles of rail trails in…
Walkway Over the HudsonA place to enjoy the river and a place to appreciate the wonder of an engineering feat unprecedented in its time with a beauty unsurpassed in our generation. History · Completed in 1888, the Poughkeepsie-Highland t…
The city's early economic & socialhistory ties it to the river withPoughkeepsie known as The Queen City of the Hudson 1776 - 1876, Shipyard Point. Site of the Revolutionary War shipyards, various ships were built along the City's water front for 1…
Victor C. WaryasMemorial ParkMayor, City of Poughkeepsie ? 1960 - 1964Member, New York State Assembly ? 1965 - 1968"It is not an exaggeration to say that Poughkeepsie is on the threshold of a complete rebirth. The coming year, and the years to fol…
GeneralCasimir PulaskiFather OfAmerican CavalryPolish PatriotWho Fought ForAmerican IndependenceMortally WoundedAt Savannah GeorgiaDied October 11, 1779[ back ] Erected ThruThe Efforts OfPolish American CitizensOf Poughkeepsie, N.Y.1940
Thomas DonganGovernor OfNew York1683 - 1687One of the greatest constructive statesmen ever sent to any English colony. The assembly which he created passed an act known as "The Charter of Liberties and Privileges" which assumed the sovereignty of …
[ east side ] SoldiersMemorial Fountain[ south side ] To ThePatriot Dead[ north side ] April 12th, 1861April 9th, 1865[ west side ] Restored / Rededicated ? P.U.R.A Nov. 11, 1977Refurbished: City of Poughkeepsie May 31, 1989