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North border of reservation set aside for Mary Jemison White Woman of the Genessee during the Big Tree Treaty of 1797 at Geneseo N.Y. William G. Pomeroy Foundation 2014
Honor Roll By duty done is honor won. A tribute to our sons who participated in the Second World War for humanity. In cherished memory of Joseph Pusztay Donald Fox Burtell Suhr
This site marks The Richmond Mill, constructed in 1822 as a sawmill. The Andrus family first became involved with the mill in 1872.The 1915 History of Perry reports that the sawmill was operational. With 93 years in business, it was the oldest ind…
This view was from a point South of the Andrus planing mill looking West, and shows the "Andrus Pond" and culvert under Main Street.The Andrus Mill pond was filled in. In 1999, it is the Perry Village's main parking lot on the East side of Main St…