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Born in Georgia. With his parents came to Texas 1857. He and a brother, John, were Texas Rangers - W.H. "Billy" serving June-December 1874.      Billy Brown was the last man killed by Indians in Runnels County, in a fight to regain…
Founded in the 1870's. Named for Samuel A. Maverick (1803-1870), who came to Texas 1835. Fought in the Texas War for Independence. In Secession Convention, 1861, he was made one of the commissioners to negotiate surrender of United States troops i…
Named for George W. Norton of Kentucky, who about 1882 bought and later developed the divide between Oak and Valley creeks. Post office, established in 1894, was at first in home (1.5 mi. NE) of postmaster Marion A. Wilkerson. This facility and a …