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In the 1730s, an Indian path from Fort Moore to the Saluda ridge was used by traders going to the Cherokee Nation. Later, a wagon road from Ninety Six to Augusta followed the same route. Named for the Martin family who lived beside it and served w…
James U. Jackson Memorial BridgeThe first North Augusta bridge was built in 1891 by James U. Jackson. The present bridge, built in 1939, was formally dedicated as "The James U. Jackson Memorial Bridge." The building of the 1891 bridge, the Augusta…
GrenadaPanamaPersian GulfThe eyes of the worldwere upon you, the hopes and prayers of liberty loving people marched with you tostop unwarrantedaggression andoppression of people.
Viet Nam War1963 — 1975This monument stands asa testimonial to thededication, devotion andsacrifice of our men andwomen in the defense offreedom for the SouthVietnamese people.
Korea1950 — 1953Dedicated to the menand woman who bravelyfought in "The ForgottenWar". The first war toend the spread ofcommunist tyrannythroughout the world.
World War II1941 — 1945 Dedicated to the men and womenwho battled globally tosecure a free world forall mankind. The massiveproduction war effort causedmany women to enter industryand changed the Americanlifestyle for all time. The effort…
World War I1914 — 1918Dedicated to the men and women who servedin the great war whichwas believed to be thefinal war of humanliberty and the "war toend all wars".
Spanish American War 1898The battle with the slogan "Remember theMaine", brought the United States as a great power and the beginning of overseas recognition.
War Between The States1861 — 1865 Let the stranger who may in future times read thisinscription recognize thatthese were men whom powercould not corrupt, whom deathcould not terrify, whomdefeat could not dishonor,and let their virtues pleadf…
The Hampton Terrace Hotel, an exclusive winter resort, stood atop this hill from 1903 to 1916. The $536,000, 5-story hotel boasted more than 300 rooms and was the dream of James U. Jackson (1856-1925), founder of North Augusta. A private railway c…