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Honor Roll 1918 Dedicated as a lasting tribute to the memory of our men who answered the call of their country in the World War. erected by the citizens of Franklin Township, Clermont County (68 names) US
Our gift to the village "Lest we forget" over the years, the Village of Felicity and surrounding communities have given freely its sons and daughters to serve in the quest for world peace. Many residents from this area, their famil…
In recognition of those who serve their country in war and peace time to those 250,000 who served in World War II to those 670 who were taken prisoner to those 6700 plus who gave their lives and to the countless number who served since this…
(logo- USS Arizona) This stone is erected in honor of the brave members of the armed forces who died defending this country from the treacherous attack on Pearl Harbor on Sunday morning December 7, 1941 'Greater love hath no man than t…
In memory of Thomas Ashburn born - Bolton, England, July 11, 1769 died - New Richmond, Feb. 15, 1828 founder of Susanna in 1816 and donor of this riverside promenade and other parks and, sites to be used, forever, for worship, education and…
Capt. Ernest Wagner Park dedicated July 27, 1980 Captain Wagner commanded excursion passenger steamboats Island Queen, Delta Queen, Mississippi Queen and Avalon on the Ohio and Mississippi River Systems Cap knew every bend, sandbar and tree…
Clermont County Bicentennial Marker Franklin Chapel This Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1854 under the direction of Rev. J.L. Holtzinger at a cost of $1,665. The belfry and church bell were added in Dec.1884.
Mt. Zion Chapel The Mount Zion Chapel of the Christian Church was built in 1872 on this hill adjacent to the members' cemetery outside of Clermontville. The site was part of a two-acre parcel that had been secured from the farm of William R. Clark…
Side A 1917 (eagle) 1918 Honor Roll (28 names) 2 killed in action Side B 1941 (eagle) 1945 Honor Roll (48 names) one killed in action
Jacob Light (1756 - 1831) platted the Village of New Richmond in 1814 on 85 acres he had bought in 1804. His village streets ran at right angles to the Ohio River. Thomas Ashburn (1769 - 1826) bought 875 acres from William Lytle next to …