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In honor of thosewho serve their countryin peace and conflict. [Dedicated] November 11, 1988
This flagpole and base were erected in 1960 by L. F. Richardson, member of the Board of Trustees of Cottey College, 1949-1957. Mr. & Mrs. Richardson gave to Cottey College in 1950 its first international scholarship, opening the door for a prog…
Side AFinancial center and shipping point, this prairie town was founded in 1855 as the seat of Vernon County, fertile farming and coal producing area. Col. D. C. Hunter, who laid out the town, named it for Nevada City, Calif. The county, legally …
The coming of the Border War and the May 26, 1863, burning of Nevada City by Federal Militia. Artist: Michael McClure 2002 Dedicated to: the Vernon Countians Who Endured
Action at Dry Wood Creek, Sept. 2, 1861Following the Southern victory at Wilson's Creek near Springfield (Aug. 10, 1861), Maj. Gen. Sterling Price led the pro-Confederate Missouri State Guard, which numbered about 10,000 men, north to capture Lexi…
The gift of citizensof Nevada and Vernon Co.Dedicated Nov. 11, 1924 Erected 1910Rebuilt - 1924 byLeon Ogier Post No. 2American Legion Dedicated to all veterans of all wars who gave their lives and service to preserve peace and freedom. Becau…
Cellroom built before Civil WarSurvived burning of Nevada 1863Front part added 1871Museum established 1965Entered on the National Registerof Historic Places 1977
After their victory at Wilson's Creek, on Aug. 10, 1861, Gen. Sterling Price's 12,000 Missouri State Guards marched north and camped near Nevada on the evening of Aug. 31. Next day 800 men felt out the 1800 Federals at Ft. Scott, Kan., led by Jayh…
In honor of all our veterans whohave served at home or abroadthrough the years Artist: Michael McClure 2003 Dedicated to: All Who Have Served [Emblem represents the 35th Infantry Division]
Dedicated to themen and womenof Vernon County whogave their lives inWorld War I andWorld War IIKorean War andVietnam Veterans [Honor Roll of Names]