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United Methodist Historic Site No. 323 In Memory of the Pioneers of The Belknap Settlement Who Served God Faithfully In An Untamed Land (Marker Number 323.)
On this knoll stood Ebenezer School- house, built in 1850. The first school in the historic Belknap settlement, it was also used for Methodist Sunday school and class meetings. In 1854, the second Methodist Conference on the West Coast was…
In June 1846 Jesse Applegate, Levi Smith and 11 other men left their homes near Dallas Oregon to develop a southern route from Fort Hall (Idaho) to the Willamette Valley. Their route passed through the gap west of Pigeon Butte, then proceeded sout…
(Two interpretive displays are located here next to the South Benton Community Museum): (First Display) In 1846, Jesse Applegate and fourteen others from near Dallas, Oregon, established a trail south from the Willamette Valley and east to F…