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On March 5, 1946, at Westminster College in Fulton, MO, Winston Churchill delivered his renowned "Iron Curtain" Speech. Allen P. Green built this gate in anticipation of a visit to his home by the former British Prime Minister and President Harry …
Allen P. Green, with his wife and five children, came to Mexico in 1910 to manage a small, struggling brick plant. He soon bought it and founded the A.P. Green Fire Brick Company. It flourished and by 1937 had become the world's largest firebrick …
Presented toMissouri Military Academyin honor of itsOne Hundredth Anniversary1889 - 1989by theMexico Area Chamber of Commercewith deep appreciation and gratefulrecognition of its 100 continuous years ofoutstanding community serviceand good citizen…
[Side A]Internationally known for its firebrick industry and famed for its saddle horses, this county seat was laid out by Robert C. Mansfield and James H. Smith not long before Audrain County was organized, 1836. Named for legislator James H. Aud…
Acquired 1973Indian Mortar (Grist) Stonec.1700-1800 [Acquired] 1960Granite Millstones used infirst Audrain County mill 1850
This is the largest "surface boulder" of Diaspore found in the Missouri Diaspore Fields lying south of the Missouri River. - It was taken from a diaspora pit near Aud, Osage County, Missouri, in 1926. - Diaspore is a high alumina clay occurring in…
Here rests a faithful servant of our company retired on account of age after twenty two years of continuous loyal service. It is a Bonnot Combined Brick Machine installed at the East Plant in 1904 and moved to Josephine Plant in 1917. During th…
With his last owner, B. R. Middleton, riding him, defeated every horse ever shown against him. Owned, raised and trained in Audrain County. Sire and Grandsire and Great Grandsire of champions. Most widely known and beloved by saddle horse admirers…
has been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
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