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Built: 1889 Architect: Gustavus Maurice Torgenson Constructor: C.M. Rubush Architectural Style: Romanesque Designated a Mississippi Landmark on June 12, 2002 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing element of the …
Built: 1889 by Marks-Rothenberg Co. Architect: Gustavus Maurice Torgenson Builder: C.M. Rubush Interior Designer: J.B. McElfarick Architectural Style: Late Victorian Second Empire/Romanesque Designated a Mississippi Landmark on June 7, 1991 …
Lieutenant Read, a native Mississippian, is buried here. He was an 1860 graduate of Annapolis. With a crew of 17, he captured 22 Union ships in 21 days and struck terror across the eastern seaboard. This adventure has been called the most brillian…
The East Mississippi Female College was established here in 1869 by the Central Methodist Church and became recognized as one of the finest female colleges in the South under the leadership of John Wesley Beeson, President (1869-1903). The college…
A native of Meridian, Lewis Crook (1898-1967) moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1915 to attend Georgia Tech. Crook began his career with the architectural firm of Hentz, Reid and Adler. In 1923, Crook formed his own firm with business partner Daniel I…
The Thomas J. Wilson and St. Luke's cemeteries were associated with the Masonic lodges that once stood on this city block. The cemeteries have over 100 extant formal markers on the graves of civilians and veterans from five American military confl…
Earliest evidence of Meridian's settlement, containing burials of first settler Richard McLemore, victims of 1871 riot, and 1878 Yellow Fever epidemic. Listed in National Register of Historic Places.
Marked by Pushmataha Chapter 1939
Merrehope, built by an early settler's daughter, was occupied by Confederate Generals Joseph E. Johnston (1863) and Leonidas Polk (1863-64), then by Union officers. It is one of six homes to survive the Battle of Meridian.
One of the Battle of Meridian's few skirmishes occurred at Missouri Ridge, where Union troops from Missouri camped. For years, Confederate veterans held an annual mock battle here to commemorate the skirmish.